Tey was listed as the first on our interview guest list at the planning stage of “China Europe Blockchain Insight”. Not only because he is the CEO of Tykn Technology, also because of the legendary story behind him.

With a nation of Syria, Tey, was born in Kuwait. He came to the Netherlands as a software trainer. In 2012 he became one of the  first Dutch players in bitcoin mining, founded Tubeminer.com with his Dutch business partner. However, due to his birth certificate was destroyed  during the Gulf War, he was labeled “invisible man” by the Dutch government and forced to apply as asylum. And the application process took two years, from the superior material life,  to a shared room, three meals a day at specified time. “Life is like a rollercoaster, with ups and downs” yet I think only Tey can understand the flavor of the phrase.

During his two years in the refugee camp, he met more than 1,000 refugees who share the same fate as him. Software Engineer-born Tey shields himself from using all the time online to deeply learn blockchain technology and is determined to use technology to change not just the fate of those 1,000 but also millions of invisible men around the world

It was 2016 when Tey came out of the refugee camp. He created Tykn with the mission to change the population of all people who dont have legal identity, which result in the loss  their fundamental human rights without legal status. Tey’s experience, community influence impressed Nicosia University , offered him scholarships, he got a master’s degree in Digital Currency, and even embarked on the TED’s podium. However, he never dared to forget his mission, and the Tykn team won the 2016 hacking marathon champion sponsored by Google, RaboBank, one of the largest Dutch banks. Ironically, he has never had the privilege of owning a bank card.

Over the years, he and his team have been traveling around the world, explaining blockchain technology to blockchain regulators, governments, NGOs … and introducing his experiences. At the same time, the technology that has never stopped to land digital identity technology.

“From Invisible to Incredible” This is Tey’s motto, yes, he wants to change the world’s 230 million invisible children (<5 years old) fate. Tey said that one of the most important two days of human life, one day is born, one day is to understand the meaning of his birth. He learned the meaning of his survival after going through the refugee camp. Tykn started with E18 from the SSC refugee camp. He will remember the beginning and keep it forever!

1. CEBC-Insight:What is “Invisible Man”, what does it mean being invisible?

Tey: “Invisible person” means a person who has no legal birth certificate. Since my birth certificate was lost in the war, the birthplace above my identity was “unknown”

Being an invisible person means you can not be educated, can not have a bank card, passport, can not travel …. You have lost basic human rights. Even more sad is that you may become a victim of child trafficking, illegal sex trade, organ trading…

2. CEBC-Insight:What are the problems with the existing paper-based legal document?

Tey: 1. By the political, economic, war …. Various factors, paper legal documents easily be lost 

2. Paper documents are easily forged 

3. It is catastrophic for those who do not have / lose these documents, and for the government it takes a lot of manpower and money to verify the legal status of these people 

4. The current paper, even electronic legal documents, is still stored in a centralized manner and easily attacked by hackers. It encounters force majeure factors such as earthquakes and floods and can hardly be restored

 3. :How did you get into blockchain industry and Why do you believe this is the solution ?

Tey:  In 2012, I began researching Bitcoin technology, mining in my bedroom, and marketing the mine itself to develop a “plug-and-play” mining method. In 2014, we set up a Bitcoin pool with our partners and founded Tubeminer.com.

In refugee camp 2014-2016, although I do not allow a bank card, I can still pay for the takeaway via Bitcoin. This shocks my refugee friends and I also realize that digital currency can change their lives. For example, they can not send money to their relatives in their hometown because they have no legal status. So I started to teach the basic knowledge of digital currency and blockchain in refugee camps. At the same time, I spent all my time online learning blockchain technology to complete the course, and then I also completed a master’s degree in digital currency from Nicosia University. In the process, I learned about Proof of Existence, which made me realize that this technique can write legal documents on the blockchain and can not be tampered with. It will be a technical subversion that will change the fate of hundreds of millions of people.

3. CEBC-Insight:About Tykn and the progress?

Tey: Tykn was founded in 2016 today (February 12) and our team won a Google-sponsored hacking marathon that leverages blockchain technology to validate digital and official documents.

2018 Q3, we will launch an Ana App. Ana stands for “I” in Arabic, meaning that self energy controls one’s own destiny. This app will connect NGOs, donors and donors directly. Once the recipient’s information is verified by the NGO, such as the Red Cross Society, we are currently working in depth with non-governmental organizations such as the Red Cross, 510 and others. With the donor’s authorization, his information will be made public to all non-governmental organizations. Accepted to be assisted. This application will be the first test in St. Martin, San Martin has just received a disaster before the hurricane, was donated to the use of funds received to rebuild their homes.

Once the test is successful, we will migrate this application to Africa, where 42% of children in Africa have no identity information. We will work with hospitals, government, midwives and NGOs to write fingerprints of newborn children in a hash code on the chain with the help of a midwife and notify the government to issue a birth certificate for newborns.

Although this does not seem to be completely centralized, it is due to the restrictions imposed by national laws and regulations, such as the law of the Netherlands requiring birth certificates to be paper-based. However, Tykn will not wait. We will do all the basic technical facilities of the previous period. When regulations change, we will issue a birth certificate directly to the newborn baby through the digital wallet written by multiple witnesses.

 4. CEBC-Insight: Business model? Will you go ICO? 

Tey: The current business model mainly through two points:

1. To the government, less developed regions, NGOs, community-based blockchain technology to explain the workshop

2. Through the Ana App transaction, each charge a few cents service fee

ICO is in Tykn’s pipeline, but unlike other ICO projects, we hope to validate our test network to prove the scalability of our technology and the feasibility of launching products. 

5. CEBC-Insight: Expectation and understanding toward China’s blockchain development? 

 Tey: I do not hide my admiration for the development of the blockchain industry in China. My entry into the bitcoin industry was largely influenced by China. The first miners I bought were from BitMain China. BTCC, Bobby Lee …. These successful businesses and people have always encouraged the Tykn team to stick to it.
At the same time, I have seen very early Jack Ma such successful Entrepreneur in the 99-year bedroom with the team’s speech, at that time they have the ambition to catch up with the United States in Silicon Valley. Chinese enterprises high productivity, high efficiency, these are worth learning for all.

6. CEBC-Insight: Corporation opportunities with China?

Tey: I am looking forward to working with more Chinese communities and teams. I would also like to take this opportunity to disclose that we have reached some intentions and areas for initial cooperation with China Europe Blockchain Insight. We will cooperate in various fields such as community development, event planning, the introduction of mining technology in Europe and hardware cooperation

7. CEBC-Insight: Wishes to Chinese New Year

Tey: I want to express my sincere wishes to all Chinese friends and a Happy New Year. You should be proud of the achievements and influence in the area of blockchain today.
My friends have told me that as soon as the Chinese New Year is over, it is bound to go up quickly to buy bitcoin. Indeed the past five years are like this, huh, huh, I want to buy bitcoin 【Exclusive Interview】Tey , CEO of Tykn:from Invisible to incredible-China Europe Blockchain Insight
Although Tey told his story on many occasions, however, we can really feel that every time he said in the eyes , there is gratitude to the past, more looking forward to the future.
Perhaps Tey still has  the “invisible person” label, and after this deep exchange interviews, we believe, he should be labeled as: brave, optimistic, persistent, idealist, practitioner …..
In addition, Chinese New Year to give everyone some add-on bonus, by the “China Europe Blockchain Insight” invitation, Tey will be officially as our columnist, to share Tykn’s project progress and his personal sentiment on the industry ….